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APGA and the AS2885.info team have presented a series of 30-60 minute webinars on important aspects of the AS 2885 series which can be viewed via the links below.

Introduction to AS2885.info (Susan Jaques, 4 Nov 2020)

AS2885.info Q&A (Susan Jaques, 2 Dec 2020)

Fracture Control in AS2885 (Nick Kastelein, Feb 3 2021)

What Does a Design Factor Actually Mean? (James Czornohalan, Mar 3 2021)

Welding to AS 2885.2 (Mark Lackenby + colleagues, Mar 31 2021 )

AS 2885.5 Pressure Testing (Lynndon Harnell, Apr 28, 2021)

Demonstration of Conformance to AS 2885 (panel, 4 Aug 2021)