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APGA and the AS2885.info team have presented a series of 30-60 minute webinars on important aspects of the AS 2885 series which can be viewed via the links below.

Introduction to AS2885.info (Susan Jaques, Nov 2020)

AS2885.info Q&A (Susan Jaques, Dec 2020)

Fracture Control in AS2885 (Nick Kastelein, Feb 2021)

What Does a Design Factor Actually Mean? (James Czornohalan, March 2021)

Welding to AS 2885.2 (Mark Lackenby + colleagues, March 2021 )

AS 2885.5 Pressure Testing (Lynndon Harnell, April, 2021)

Demonstration of Conformance to AS 2885 (panel, Aug 2021)

AS2885.2 NDT requirements (Hamid Fard, November 2021)

AS2885.5 Exclusion Zones (Colin Gibson and Lynndon Harnell, December 2021)

Engineering Practice Guide (panel discussion, Feb 2022)

Powerlines vs Pipelines (Jordan McCollum, March 2022)

External Interference: Understanding pipeline damage due to HDD (Chris Carter, April 2022)

Failure is normal! A tale of two bridges and engineering responsibilities (Ted Metcalfe, June 2022)