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Part 0, Clause 1.6.1 spells out the requirements for retrospective application in its 2018 revision.

The creation of Part 6 with all the pipeline safety management requirements over the complete lifecycle has resolved some of this confusion. Requirements for high-consequence areas and land use changes are spelled out there.

Part 3 when reissued will contain the requirement for retrospective fracture assessments.

  1. Standards have adopted the approach that publication of a new revision of a Standard does not mean that a pipeline system designed to a previous standard must be modified to comply with the new revision.
  2. While not explicitly stated in AS 2885, modification of a pipeline constructed to an earlier standard or revision of a standard must be conducted in accordance with the requirements of the current revision of the Standard.
  3. Operating and maintenance procedures are to be undertaken to the current revision of the standard (Part 3). This is often mandated by the regulator.
  4. Leading to 2018 revision, a possible need for clarification of requirements such as fracture control plans for existing pipelines was identified.
  5. Always consider of the implications of any old non-complying pipeline.
  6. The existing requirements of AS 2885.0 encourage a Licensee to review (the new revision) to identify opportunities for improvement of existing systems.
  7. AS 2885.3 has detailed and specific requirements for an existing pipeline relating to integrity management. These obligations require the Licensee to take all necessary steps into identifying any condition that would compromise the pipeline integrity, and once identified, to rectify them.