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The questions below will be addressed by Nick K:

Q1: 2012 version did not require min toughness below 85 MPa. is the addition of the 27 J min below 85 MPa for good practice or did new evidence prompt this change?

Q2: Is performing DWTT on small diameter pipelines such as DN150 going to be an issue?

Q3: Why contrary to Cl. 3.3.2, AS 2885.1 is less conservative than API5L regarding CVN on the weld seam? API5L requires 27J on the weld seam on pipes < 56 (check Cl. reference, does not reference clearly)

Q4: In relation to a comment relating to weld-seams having lesser toughness, would Seamless Pipe provide better arrest of propagation?

Q5: Is a retrospective fracture control plan required for all pipelines designed before 2007 in the new revision of AS2885?

Q6: Retrospective fracture control: is PRCI L51691 an acceptable tool for brittle & ductile fracture for lines that historically didn't need fracture plans (liquids)

Q7: Please explain why a DN600 pipe operating at a hoop stress of less than 85 MPa will require brittle fracture to be controlled?

Q8: What prompted the change from 100J to 150J as the cutoff for the requirement on expert validation of the fracture control plans?

These questions are yet to be addressed by Susan J:

Q: Please provide an overview of changes made to the Station Design section of AS2885.1 and some of the comments made on this section?

A: Ted's email to me re AIV paper - last section summarizes. Or delete.

Q: Regarding collaboration / info sharing: have you looked to the airline industry and how they rapidly distribute safety / technical alerts?

A: forward to Jan re an external link to rapid info dissemination