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Does AS2885 define pipeline vs station piping based on pipe length? (e.g. "if longer than 5 pipe joints then to be designed to AS2885", or say designate in the Standard a XXXm length gas pipe inside station / fenced boundary between two facilities).

No - AS2885 does not define if a pipeline section is "pipeline" or "station piping" based upon its length. It would be impractical to apply a standard "rule" to all the possible scenarios around piping versus pipeline based solely upon the length - short pipelines and long lengths of station piping are both theoretically possible.


  • Pipelines are generally long distance, larger diameter, high pressure, buried, and traverses through public or private land that the operator does not have full control over.
  • Piping is small diameter, short distance, mainly above ground, and usually fenced off from the public.

For AS2885 pipeline systems, piping is designed to AS4041 or ASME B31.3. See AS2885.1 Clause 6.3 Station Design, or Stations . The material specifications are very different for pipelines to piping. See AS 2885.1 Section 3 Pipeline Materials.

The management of risks (threats) to pipelines are very different for pipelines compared to piping. This is mainly because pipelines traverse lands used by the public which are not controlled by the Licensee/operator of the pipeline. See AS 2885.6.

Aside Info: ASME B31 committees (all parts) are represented by piping specialists in the Australian industry. In 2019, work was done on “Development of B31.8 Code Content to Address Mech- and AIV in Compressor Station Piping Systems”