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AS2885.0 Clause 1.6.2
AS2885.1 Appendix S

Does any part of AS2885 apply to HDPE pipelines?

(James Czornohalan) AS 2885 specifically refers to "High Pressure" ( i.e. greater than 1050 kPag) pipelines. You can certainly design and build an HDPE pipeline in accordance with AS 2885. However, the APGA PE Code of Practise exists for design and construction of HDPE gathering pipelines, and is approved for use in Queensland.

What sort of guidance is available in the standard for using high pressure ‘composite’ pipelines? Can clients use these pipelines?

(Peter Tuft) Depends what you mean by "composite". Part 1 Appendix S covers fibreglass pipe but not other forms of composite pipe. But such materials are not prohibited, they are just not covered. Refer to Part 0 Clause 1.6.2 "AS(/NZS) 2885 series of standards are not intended to prohibit the use of any materials, designs, methods of assembly, procedures or practices (items) that do not conform with specific requirements of the AS(/NZS) 2885 series, or are not mentioned in it, but do give equivalent or better results to those specified." (plus further requirements and guidance on non-covered items).