Physical / Procedural Controls

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AS 2885.6 Cl 3.3 Threat Control Note 2
AS 2885.0 Cl 1.5.46 physical control
AS 2885.0 Cl 1.5.57 procedural control

Question: Is Cathodic Protection (CP) a physical, or a procedural control?


Neither. CP is a design control.

In AS 2885, the concepts of physical and procedural controls are applicable only to external interference threats and are not relevant to other types of threats.

A physical control protects the pipeline to prevent external interference from causing failure, either by physically preventing contact with the pipe or by providing adequate resistance to penetration in the pipe itself.

A procedural control protects the pipeline against external interference by reducing the likelihood of human activities that have potential to damage the pipeline from occurring in the vicinity of the pipeline.

Procedural controls rely heavily on modification of human behaviour, whereas physical controls are based on science and physics.