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Note:  Currently (circa 2020) the AS 2885 suite is silent on hydrogen in high pressure transmission pipelines. Hydrogen in low-pressure distribution lines is not the same as hydrogen in high pressure transmission lines (and low pressure hydrogen distribution is currently underway). At high pressure, there are some scientific issues to resolve, such as, how the hydrogen gas molecule behaves at high pressure, diffusing into the pipe metal (and therefore inventory loss), and even causing cracking in the metal at stress zones.  We also don't know yet enough about the behaviour of hydrogen in the case of a high pressure pipeline rupture.  There is research underway to alleviate these issues.  (Susan Jaques)

Q: With the recent announcements regarding national hydrogen roadmaps, will AS 2885 incorporate ASME B31.12 requirements for hydrogen transportation?

A: AS 2885 will have to incorporate some requirements for hydrogen in the future, what that is, however, is yet to be determined. There is an FFCRC project underway to do a gap analysis between AS 2885 and other standards, as well as other research programs in place and ever changing. (James Czornohalan)

October 2020 : The National Hydrogen Strategy has a document titled "Hydrogen in the gas distribution networks" which addresses hydrogen in pipelines.

Section 5.3 of that document outlines the issues and challenges with hydrogen at high pressure in steel pipelines.

Q: Would Hydrogen pipelines include liquid with partial pressure > 7barg? Low pressure surge?

A: Quite possibly, and this needs to be understood before we put hydrogen at high pressure in our transmission lines.