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Site Manager: Susan Jaques

Project Team: Francis Carroll, Ted Metcalfe, Peter Tuft, John Piper, Fari Mahdavi, James Czornohalan, Nick Kastelein, Richard McDonough

This site is hyper-specialised to specifically address questions that pipeline engineers have when working with AS 2885. It is not intended as a generic or introductory resource. For general information about the Australian pipeline industry, go to (insert link).


The best way to use this site is via the search box in the top right corner, to search for information on a specific topic or keyword.


The pages are structured according to the Parts of AS 2885, and then the Sections. If there has been a question asked about a Section or Clause of the Standard, you can browse directly there. If the information you are looking for is not there, then ask a question (add link).

Where Section has no links, that means there have been no questions asked about that section.


Information is also grouped by Topic, which can be browsed.


A separate Q&A forum will be set up in another format.

Alternatively, send your questions to (insert email address here)