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Q: Is the ever-lengthening AS2885 suite making pipelines safer? There are many small licensees who would have only one pipeline which have trouble operating within this novel.

A. We hope it is making pipelines safer. The committee was acutely conscious of the need to avoid imposing onerous requirements unnecessarily and to facilitate small projects. The retention of prequalified design in Part 1 is an example of that.

However it sounds as if the question relates to perhaps owning of an existing pipeline? … But it does not matter how big a pipeline is, or how many the Licensee operates...

Almost any conduit carrying hydrocarbons has potential to cause a disaster and the safety requirements must apply.

Where the risks are very low (e.g. a flowline in the outback) then compliance is easy - there will be few threats, minimal consequences of failure, and the SMS should be quick and simple. In an urban environment the situation is very different and the full SMS process may appear onerous, but that's just life.

(by Peter Tuft)

Q: Could testing of pipe be mandated through the AS 2885 Standard to ensure that we build up our knowledge base? (for example - on projects larger than $20 million, the pipe purchase must include additional pipe for the purposes of testing, including the contractor trying to penetrate the pipe with equipment during construction so that we have that information about that pipe material characteristics.)

A. Great idea in principle but outside the legitimate scope of AS 2885. As mentioned during the March 2019 launch seminar, we can't make legislation or mandate commercial additions like this suggestion.

(by Peter Tuft, edited by Susan Jaques)