Errata: AS 2885.6

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pg 42 / Appendix C / Clause C2 / 3rd paragraph (after the long Note): "Location is an essential element of threat identification. The following threats may exist..." should be just "Threats may exist..:"

pg 73 / Appendix I / Clause I1 / 2nd paragraph / last sentence: "Moreover, this compensation falls - should be fails - to be made by the owner at the point of time anterior to the accident."

pg 22 / Section 5 / Clause 5.2.1 SMS Inputs / Item (g) in list: NO-RUPTURE requirements for high consequence areas refers to AS/NZS 2885.1:2018 clause 4.10.2; should refer to clause 4.9.2 (as 4.10.2 is for sign location).