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Like a 'bug list' for IT projects, this page collects the topics and tasks the project team has identified to be added to this wiki.

Email us at to let us know if any of these are currently top of your mind; that will help with prioritization.

1. Add Editors (technical experts) to represent other topics and Parts.

2. Done, see below.

3. Energy Release Rate / Sensitive Use issue with current wording in Part 1 (via James Cz, Richard McD, Craig B)

4. Review Boston distribution fires issues

5. ME38 Charter onto (uploading documents….)

6. Guide to AS2885 - Section 3 or S2 Table - add / reference

7. Pipestrain used twice issue - once for design and once to finalise (John Piper)

8. Letter from AGIG for 2018 revision- add erratas identified there

9. Done, see below.

10. Done, see below.

11. Done, see below.

12. Done, see below.

13. Done, see below.

14. "Approval" / "Shall" / "Mandatory": how best to demonstrate compliance to AS2885, is there a document format or preferred layout?

15. Done, see below.

16. Done, see below.

17. Add pages for "further reading" & links to APGA Knowledgebase (use "Discussion Page"?)

18. Add page for "Who to Call" - a page of experts nominated against topics.

19. Add FC and PT as sysop rights for backup

20. Find out how to add pictures/ images to wiki

21. Done, see below.

Completed Items

2. Add link to Peter Tuft's Introduction presentation from 2018 (oops, 2019) Launch session (it's on the APGA Knowledgebase - no, on APGA website) -

Done - added this to Revisions to Standards and link to all presentations on the 2019 Q&A page: QUESTIONS FROM PARTS 0/1/6 LAUNCH - MARCH 2019

9. Licensee (Check Part 1/6 database comment ID25 for content)

Done - see Licensee - added information on Queensland

10.Should vs Shall

Added to bottom of page Revisions to Standards

11. Problems with literal interpretation vs judgement (discussion amongst Peter T, John Blain, Jan Hayes)

Added to Discussion Tab: Talk:Revisions_to_Standards

12. Objectives of an SMS - make pipelines safer, or, to protect engineers from lawyers?

The objectives of an SMS is to make pipelines safer. That's the best way to protect engineers from lawyers.

13. HAZOP for pipelines (this was a popular search term in P Tuft's blog)

Done - HAZOP page enhanced

15. Wall thickness of induction bends (Dennis K-B)

Done - Wall Thickness page added

16. AIV references from Ted M - add and enhance

Added page and links to paper/presentation: Acoustically or Flow Induced Vibration (AIV/FIV)

21. Add page for 'committee membership requests' ?

Not on this wiki. Committee membership is handled within Standards Australia and ME-038 committee, not via this wiki which only addresses current published Standards, not committee membership.