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Subcommittee Convenor Status Projected next publish date
AS 2885.0 General Requirements Susan Jaques Published December 2018 Ctee on hiatus
AS 2885.1 Design & Construction James Czornohalan Initial scoping meetings underway 2025?
AS 2885.2 Welding Mark Lackenby Published May 2020 Ctee on hiatus
AS 2885.3 Operations & Maintenance Geoff Callar Published September 2022 Current
AS 2885.4 Subsea Pipelines Eric Jas New Revision Project underway along with a submarine pipe decommissioning handbook. 2023
AS 2885.5 Pressure Testing Lynndon Harnell Published Dec 2020 Ctee on hiatus
AS 2885.6 Pipeline Safety Management Richard McDonough Published Dec 2018 Ctee on hiatus
AS 3862 FBE Coating David Anderson Published April 2020 Ctee on hiatus
AS 4822 Field Joint Coating David Anderson Revision is currently underway; committee meetings occurring. 2022

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