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Question: Are approvals in Part 6 for threat controls of an SMS in line with the Approval Matrix in AS2885.3? Licensee responsible and can not delegate?

Answer: See Part 0, Section 4.4.

The Licensee must approve the completed detail design and periodic operational review SMSs (without delegating) but all other SMSs are approved by whoever is nominated in the approval structure.

To the extent that threat controls are included in the report for those specific SMSs, then they need to be approved by the Licensee (or delegate, depending on type of SMS).

However if, say, an SMS is done for land use change or encroachment, and additional controls are required, they do not have to be approved by the Licensee at that time.

They will probably be included in the next periodic operational review SMS and get Licensee approval later.

(Peter Tuft, Susan Jaques)