AS 2885.3 Operations and Maintenance

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AS 2885.3 Operations and Maintenance was published Sept 9, 2022.

Section 1 Scope and general

Section 2 Pipeline management system

Section 3 Preparation for operation and environmental management

Section 4 Site safety management

Section 5 Pipeline system integrity management

Section 6 Pipeline structural integrity

Section 7 Pipeline corridor management

Landowner Liaison

Section 8 Station operation and maintenance

Section 9 Anomaly assessment and defect repair

Section 10 Changes to approved operating conditions

Section 11 Emergency response preparedness

Section 12 Records management

Appendix A (informative) Periodic document review schedule

Appendix B (informative) Assessment of anomalies and repair of pipeline defects

Appendix C (informative) PMS and safety case design

Appendix D (informative) In-line inspection tools

Appendix E (informative) Purging pipelines to air - safety guidance

Appendix F (informative) Permit to work

Appendix G (informative) Items needing approval