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What is is an industry-developed website for users of the AS(/NZS)2885 suite. (Subsequently referred to just as AS 2885, always recognising that some parts are joint standards with NZS)

The purpose is to provide an online reference resource for pipeliners and users of AS 2885.

If you are not clear on what “AS 2885” is, then this resource is not for you.

Those in the industry know the Australian Standard AS 2885 is the ‘go-to’ standard for pipeline engineers in Australia and New Zealand. But AS2885 is not a textbook. It does not provide background knowledge that a user might need to understand the Standard.

So, the AS wiki has been established to assist users of AS 2885 to better interpret and use the Standard.

If you are an Australian pipeline engineer, or otherwise user of the AS 2885 suite, the site will help with interpretations and background information behind the words of the published versions of the AS2885 suite.

Whenever a question arises about interpretation of AS 2885, or when an error or typo is discovered, should be the place to go. is not a training resource, nor is it presented in training modules about what you ‘should’ learn. It is a resource for when you know what you want to learn about: search for it, and there should be deeper information provided there. And if it's not there, then, the point of the wiki is that you ask (send an email to

While the site is not set up as a discussion board or chat room, it is intended to grow steadily as users submit queries to and the Site Team generates new content in response.

In fact queries from users are almost the only way that the site will grow, so don’t hesitate to submit them. There are no stupid questions, and users’ names will not appear on the site (unless you want to be acknowledged).

Why was it developed?

New users of the AS 2885 Standard know that support material behind the words in the Standard is hard to come by.

The AS 2885 suite of Standards is not a textbook; it is a set of requirements that a pipeline engineer must meet, assuming they have the knowledge of how to do that in the first place.

And so, not being a textbook, there is often background information and knowledge that is implicit in the AS 2885 wording, though someone new to the industry would not be able to discern that.

There is no single source or textbook for a new entrant to refer to, once they have come up against a question about the AS 2885 content.

This need for s single source of reference also applies to a long-time AS 2885 user who is faced with a new question, or is using a new section or clause that they haven’t been exposed to previously.

There have been attempts over the years to capture the knowledge and background, but it has proved to be a vexing issue.

Producing hundreds of pages of pdf report-based papers – while full of extremely useful information - has not been a successful approach to the problem of “what does this mean” when referring to a specific clause of the standard.

This time, rather than bombarding the industry with reams of more ‘knowledge’ we think you should know, in the form of pdf documents, papers, and articles, this resource is based on actual questions from you, the users.

The value to the industry is the bridging of the gap between knowledge in industry senior members’ heads and the new entrants to the industry who don’t always have easy access to that knowledge. provides a single source for resolving queries about interpretation of AS2885, using the knowledge and experience of people intimately familiar with the Standard and the reasoning behind it.

Within this single source, differing views will be recognised. Where there are different interpretations, this will be shown in the explanations, and users trying to understand an issue can see the complexity behind it.

Who it is for? is a hyper-specialised site to address questions that pipeline engineers or other users face when working with or interpreting AS 2885. It is not a general site about pipelines nor is it about the pipeline industry. For general information about the Australian pipeline industry, go to

When you have questions about the interpretation of clauses, want further information about topic in the Standard, or want to better understand the background of the words in AS2885, this wiki is for you.

If your question has not been answered, or, if you disagree with the information provided, sent your query/comment to and it will be addressed by someone on the Site Team.

It is a public platform without restrictions as to who can view the information.

There are a limited number of people who can add, edit and delete entries. These changes are all tracked in the mediawiki platform.

This is not a site for information on current ME-038 Committee work, nor is it a site for changes to or about Standards development in general. Revisions to the Standard are clearly and definitively in the remit of Standards Australia. Questions about revisions will not be answered here, just interpretation of the published document.

How do I use it?

How this site works

Who is behind it?

The ongoing management of is based on a group of industry volunteers.

They are technical experts who have a deep understanding of the words in the Standard, they have generally been on the revision committee before, or they have contributed substantially to the writing of the words.

The Site Manager and Site Team are not representing committees in this website capacity: they are users of the Standard, and have experience with the background discussions that went into the words.

Site Manager:

The site manager and administrator of the website should always be the Chair of the ME-038 Committee. The role is a natural extension of the voluntary Chair role responsibilities, as the ME-038 Chair is invariably across all of the issues for the AS 2885 suite and therefore is suited to manage the website that helps interpret it.

Currently, this role will be held by Susan Jaques through to Feb 2023, based on the Chair role extension agreed to by the ME-038 committee in February 2020. When the ME-038 Chair role is replaced, responsibility of the site goes with it.

Site Team (as of September 2020):

Susan Jaques, Francis Carroll, Ted Metcalfe, Peter Tuft, John Piper, James Czornohalan, Nick Kastelein, Richard McDonough.