AS/NZS 2885.6 Pipeline Safety Management

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Section 1 - Scope and General

"SMS" vs "Risk Assessment"

High Consequence Recognition

SMS Workshop Validation

Section 2 - Classification of Locations

Location Classification

Secondary Location Classes

High Consequence Area

Section 3 - Safety Management Process

AS2885 SMS Risk Matrix

Section 4 - ALARP


Section 5 - Application of Safety Management

Appendix A - Safety Management Process

Appendix B - Radiation Contour

Radiation Distance and Measurement Length

Appendix C - Threat Identification

Threats Assessment

Appendix D - External Interference Protection

One-Call Services

Appendix E - Effectiveness of Procedural Controls

Effectiveness of Controls

Appendix F - Frequency Estimating Guidelines

Appendix G - Consequences Assessment

Consequence Assessments

Appendix H - High Consequence Recognition

High Consequence Recognition

Appendix I - ALARP


Appendix J - Integrity of the Safety Management Process