AS/NZS 2885.5 Pressure Testing

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AS2885.5-2020 PUBLISHED, December 2020.

Part 5 sets out methods for the pressure testing of petroleum pipelines constructed of steel, designed to AS2885.1 and operated in accordance with AS 2885.3.

Section 1 Scope and General

Section 2 Safety

Section 3 Equipment and test liquid

Section 4 Preparation for tests

Section 5 Filling

Section 6 Pressure testing

Section 7 Reinstatement of the test section

Section 8 Report and records

Appendix A (informative) Basis of the Standard

Read this appendix for a good summary for understanding pressure testing of pipelines.

Appendix B (informative) Pressure volume-temperature relationships in pipeline test sections

Appendix C (informative) Hypothetical test section

Appendix D (informative) Monitoring by using the pressure-volume method

Appendix E (informative) Behaviour of test sections subjected to a pressure test

Appendix F (informative) Investigation of a premature end-point

Appendix G (informative) Evaluation and measurement of residual air

Appendix H (informative) Measurement uncertainty

Appendix I (informative) Temperature uncertainty in leak tests

Appendix J (informative) Estimation of potential gas leakage rate

Appendix K (informative) Typical pressure test conformance certificate

Appendix L (informative) Information for the review of test sections

Appendix M (informative) Adiabatic temperature changes in test sections

Appendix N (informative) Safety in pressure testing

Appendix O (normative) Test header design